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The Power of Film to Start a Conversation: Listening From the Heart Series

Mondays at 7pm EST, Beginning November 15th 2021 >> Register Now

Make this a turning point for leadership to shine a light on mental health issues.

As CEO's, Superintendents, and Leadership in business, education, and workforce development, you wear multiple hats - including as part of a family & multiple communities. Your success or failure as a parent is as real to you as it was to me and as it is to your community of employees, members, educators, students, volunteers, etc.

LEADERSHIP with a Story is the theme of “LISTENING FROM THE HEART.” The goal is to break down the STIGMA around mental health at home, school, and work by using the #1 tool – “Starting the Conversation”

As a PARENT, LEADER AND ADVOCATE for busting through the STIGMA, my goal is to promote forward-movement and open doors to conversations around mental health. I've lived and breathed everything that I share to empower you to take the next step or ask the next question.

Register for Our Next Series:"Listening from the Heart"

The upcoming November-December Series will be held on Monday evenings from 7pm-8:30pm (EST) from November 15-December 27, 2021. Please join me for one or more of these power-packed 90-minute Monday gatherings! Hosted on Zoom using the Audio-only format so you can join even if you are on the go! (Prompts will be given where visuals/video clips are incorporated).


Our models are repeatable and powerful. They include:

1) Sharing your own story in to create connection and help others not to feel so alone. “Listening from the Heart” evolved from an initiative co-created with my daughter during the depths of her battle with anxiety in 2018. “The Anxious Generation: Fireside Chats” were a proactive (and emotional) listening model to gather parents/family, students, and teachers to be heard and understood.

2) "The Power of Film to Start the Conversation" is a POWERFUL TOOL, sponsored by schools, companies, nonprofits or community organizations to serve their target communities of employees, teachers, students, families, and other community members. I discovered this as a powerful medium during both 2019 (community perspective) and 2020 (online during pandemic - national/global perspective).

Investing in 'Family & Community' is an investment in healthy, successful, workforce-ready students; and a healthy, productive workforce.

Meet Pam! Her 40 year career success in public service, government relations and nonprofit leadership is rooted in collaboration, teamwork and empowering others to be their own best advocate. Combined with her passion as a parent to create a healthy and prosperous future for our children, she believes that Building Bridges is essential to take on a transformative time in our economy, education systems and workforce. "Listening from the Heart" is a component of the "Building STEAM Bridges: Head, Hands & Heart" program that is a whole person approach to learning and working in the 21st century economy.

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