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Keynote, Community & Radio

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July 16-17, 2021

The Big Picture - How Our Kids Fit Into The Bigger S.T.E.A.M. World

MINDSET SHIFTS needed to connect-the-dots between education & 21st century jobs. Three strategies: 1) Family & Community as a priority stakeholder; 2) “Head, Hands & Heart” = STEAM, an inclusive, whole person approach to learning & working in the 21st century; 3) “Listening from the Heart” a collaborative model for listening and understanding to help break down the stigma around mental health. (Moderators/Leadership: Dr. Mina Jo Blazy, Denise Newsome & Jen Myronuk)

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July 16-17, 2021

A Universal Understanding of STEM / STEAM - Head, Hands & Heart™

Head. Hands. Heart™ redefines STEAM as INCLUSIVE to all our students by embracing the “whole” person. It integrates WHAT we learn, HOW we learn and life/social skills that create a TRULY HUMAN CONNECTION. It is driven by the extraordinary potential for all our kids to shine through the joyful exploration of their own passions, talents, and skills. Empowering workforce readiness!


March 4, 2020 | Annapolis, MD

KEYNOTE SPEAKER for the Ann Arundel County Public Schools STEM awards (16 high schools) at St John’s College, Annapolis, MD.

Highlights included:  the big picture of student roles in a changing world and workforce; family and community as a priority stakeholder; the new 21st century roadmap aligning education and work; STEM/STEAM as a new root system of learning and working inclusive of all our students.

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March 5 & 14, 2020 | Arlington, VA

STEAM4Parents: Community Connection | “The Anxious Generation": Perspectives from a Parent & a Health Coach

Pam Ray, CEO/Parent, shared a model program, co-created with her teen daughter, to bring parents, students and teachers together to build bridges of understanding around mental health experiences.  Smitha Darisipudi, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, presented on the epidemic of loneliness. 


Oct 12, 2019 Central Middle School, MD | Nov 12, 2019 Lindale Middle School, MD

AACPS Changemaker Program (10 minutes-3 slides):  “The Power of Changemakers & STEM/STEAM!”

YOU CAN'T HAVE ONE WITHOUT THE OTHER!!!  Featured our Head, Hands & Heart model of learning & working in a 21st century STEM/STEAM economy.

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Nov 23 & Dec 5, 2019 | Arlington, VA

STEAM4Parents: Community Connection | “Launching Our Kids in the 21st Century:  Connecting Education & Jobs in a STEM/STEAM Economy”

Topics: Critical stakeholders include family & community; recognizing STEM/STEAM as a new root system of learning and working in the 21st century inclusive of all our kids; and a new 21st century ROADMAP, with new onramps, connecting education to jobs.


Aug, 2019

Empowering Workforce Readiness - Overview of BSB Model Programs for changemaker leadership & decision-makers

1)  BSB Stakeholder Wheel (collaboration) 2) STEAM 4 Parents: representing family & community as a new, priority stakeholder; 3) Head, Hands & Heart: redefining STEM/STEAM as inclusive to all our kids   4) The Anxious Generation: a model of dialogue and listening for parents, students and teachers. 

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Nov, 2019

Radio 96.7 FM WERA Arlington, Education Innovations with Paula Lazor

Topics included: Career Technical Education (CTE) as a perfect reflection of a STEM/STEAM education using our Head, Hands & Heart;  and, the “STEM through Sailing & Boating” program established under Pam’s leadership at the EYC Foundation on  the Chesapeake Bay.

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