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Changemaker Leadership
Empower Others to be Their Own Best Advocate
A Systemic and Inclusive Approach to 21st Century Collaboration
Business / Industry Educators (K-14+)
Family & Community As a Priority Stakeholder
The Epicenter of the Whole Person's Success
Family & Community:
  • The frontlines in raising and guiding the future workforce. 


  • Key Messengers and Key Influencers of post-high school decisions in a rapidly transforming economy.


  • New Knowledge, Awareness & Resources (K.A.R.) are essential.

Changemaker Leadership Tools

Systemic & Inclusive Collaboration:

  • Customized  your BSB Collaboration Wheel.

  • Economic Impact: Realign education and jobs.

  • Human Impact: Break the STIGMA around mental health.


  • 3 Key Questions that Confront Business & Education Leadership:  

    • What are the jobs?

    • What are the education/skills needed for those jobs?

    • What are the pathways to those jobs?


  • Explore Leadership from the Inside-Out with Introductions to:

    • Systemic Constellations

    • Equus Coaching

    • Yoga at Home, School & Work

    • Spiritual Coaching for Children

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Pam over head view of Podcast recording.

Pam is also available for...

  • Podcast Interviews

  • Conference Panels

  • Roundtable Discussions

  • Workshop Facilitating

  • Guest Articles

  • Strategic Planning & Consulting

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