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STEAM is Everywhere!
STEAM is for Everyone!

Head. Hands. Heart

Our Head. Hands. Heart™ Initiative Empowers Workforce Readiness 

with a holistic vision of how our students fit into the bigger world where STEAM skilled jobs now span our entire economy.


Head. Hands. Heart™ redefines STEAM in order to understand the STEAM education and skills that align with 21st century careers.


It is inclusive to all our students by embracing the “whole” person.  It is driven by the extraordinary potential for all our kids to shine through the joyful exploration of their own passions, talents and skill-sets through the Head. Hands. Heart™  framework.

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Ensure our students are
by 2030!

Modernize Your Message
An Inclusive Approach to STEAM
Increase Equity in Education and Open Doors of Opportunity for ALL
Exponentially Grow the STEAM Workforce Pipeline
Collaborate & Engage
  • Students
  • Family & Community
  • Employees / Teachers
  • Businesses & Education Leadership
Bringing HHH to Your Organization
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BOOK OUR “S.T.E.A.M = Head, Hands & Heart” Package TODAY!


Speaker + Interactive Topics and Programs 


Part I: The Big Picture

"Head, Hands, & Heart" - The Triple Play of Learning & Working in the 21st Century


+ The 21st Century BSB Roadmap Transform our understanding of education paths that connect with today’s jobs. 


Part II: CTE Is A STEAM Model 

High School Career Technical Education as a HHH Launching Pad


Part III: Take it to the Classroom!

 "Head, Hands, & Heart" 

Finding Your Shine - A Joyful Exploration from the Inside-Out

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Pam over head view of Podcast recording.

Pam is also available for...

  • Podcast Interviews

  • Conference Panels

  • Roundtable Discussions

  • Workshop Facilitating

  • Guest Articles

  • Strategic Planning & Consulting

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