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2022 BSB Quick-Look Program BROCHURE

2022 BSB Initiatives/Services BROCHURE

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A Voice for Family & Community


Our Building Bridges programs are ready-to-go, stigma-busting tools that create an inclusive and holistic approach to address the disconnect between education and jobs and address the mental health crisis.  Both represent paradigm shifts that began to surface over a decade ago.  The global pandemic accelerated them and created much greater awareness within our families and across the globe. 

Building Bridges is a Changemaker Business.  We ask a lot of questions. We seek new solutions. Now, more than ever, leaders need to be OK with recognizing the "in-between" and the opportunities to get off the treadmill of the 20th century mindset and onto a path of steppingstones where we learn to take the next step or ask the next question about the 21st century realities of our kids’ world.

Changemaker Leadership begins with unprecedented collaboration between business and education leadership that prioritizes family & community as key stakeholders.  Our signature programs address both the economic and human impact of relentless 21st century paradigm shifts and deeply involve families and communities as a powerful messenger on the frontlines with the future workforce. 

 ​​​As CEO's. Superintendents and leadership in business, education, and workforce development, you wear multiple hats - including as part of a family & a community.  Your success or failure as a parent is as real to you as it was to me and as it is to your community of employees, educators, association membership, etc.

Now, as we enter a post-pandemic decade of challenges, your success as an employer and educator will be strengthened by integrating 'Family & Community' as part of your mission to care for the "whole" person at home, school, and work.

​​Investing in 'Family & Community' is an investment in healthy, successful, workforce-ready students; and a healthy, productive workforce.



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THE ECONOMIC IMPACT of an evolving 21st century economy requires a new foundation of education, skills and competencies rooted in STEM/STEAM, in addition to liberal arts/humanities.

Ignite STEAM for everyone because STEAM is everywhere!


Integrate our “Head, Hands & Heart” model of learning and working in the 21st century to create space that is inclusive to all our students and to the goal of nurturing life-long learners.  The results: a wider pipeline of workforce-ready employees.

Aligning STEAM education and training with future careers in highly skilled, middle skilled, the trades and the media arts means recognizing the opportunities in high school Career Technical Education (CTE), community college, and trades training/certification, in addition to a 4-year college education.


We empower you with solutions.

1.   "Head, Hands, & Heart" is the triple-play of learning and working in the 21st century. It is framework that recognizes STEAM as a holistic combination of WHAT we learn, HOW we learn and lifelong essential Soft Skills that promote a truly human connection.

2.  The 21st Century BSB Roadmap helps educators and families to guide students on 21st century STEAM education paths that connect with today's job markets.


THE HUMAN IMPACT of the global pandemic is the acceleration of the mental health crisis that began to envelope our children over the past decade. 


Now, every workforce and educational system across our globe is experiencing the storm of COVID-19 and its dramatic impact on the mental health challenges, not just for some, but for all.

It is taking a toll on the economic success of our workforce and on student success.  There are huge costs to ignoring this reality. They are economic (in the trillions), cultural, social, and human. 

Make this a turning point for leadership to shine a light on mental health issues.   


Break through the STIGMA by using the #1 tool – start the conversation.  Let others know they are not alone. Share stories.  Create space for listening with a repeatable process that promotes collaboration at home, school, and work.  

We believe that “One of the deepest needs of the human soul is to be understood.” (Stephen Covey)  It will require bold leadership and courageous listening.

We empower you with solutions:

1.      “Listening from The Heart”:  A shared experience and a model framework for collaboration.  Co-created with my daughter after her freshman year of college as we sought to find our way forward through her crisis with severe anxiety.  We created space for parents/family, students, and teachers to both listen and be heard through shared experiences. 

2.      The Power of Film to Co-Create Connection at Home, School and Work. It is a growing medium in which employers and educators proactively resource their family & community stakeholders.

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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