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Connecting education and workforce in a 21st century economy to ensure our kids’ future success as healthy children, successful students, and productive members of the workforce.

Together, with business and education leadership, we do it differently - with a “whole person” perspective that addresses the economic and human impact of our rapidly changing world.

We address the two biggest problems facing business and education leaders in the 21st century: the  SKILLS GAP and the MENTAL HEALTH CRISIS. 

And we do it from the heart!

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We use a two-pronged strategy that  blends mindset shifts and tangible programs––a top-down/bottom-up approach in which we:

  • Prioritize family & community as a key messenger on the frontlines with the future workforce.

  • Integrate a holistic STEAM education/skills into every level of of learning – highlighting high school Career Technical Education as a model STEAM program. 

  • Bust through the stigma around mental health by starting conversations at home, school, and work that create a truly human connection.




Now, more than ever, 21st century workforce readiness depends on streamlining new knowledge, awareness and resources to:

Business and Education Leadership who are collectively in the midst of shifting from a decade of economic disruption to a decade of transformation where we must realign education/skills with jobs to create a prosperous, innovative and competitive workforce.

Employees who want to feel they matter as a whole person with attention and care given to both their work and their family - especially as we emerge into our post-pandemic world. 

Teachers who already manage a myriad of social, emotional, cultural, economic, family and community needs that now include a changing workforce-readiness landscape. 

Students caught in a tidal wave of change between the 20th and 21st century economy amid confusion about how we connect the dots from school to career.

Family & Community who are key influencers on the frontlines with the future workforce and play a pivotal role in connecting the dots between education and jobs. 



As a solution-oriented collaborator, entrepreneur, advocate, team builder and most importantly, as a parent, Pam combines her lifelong expertise and leadership to move from a decade of disruption to a decade of transformation. 

Together we:

Create greater collaboration

Modernize your message to raise awareness

Streamline new knowledge to priority audiences

Shift Mindsets to bring relief rather than resistance to rapid change

Empower others to be their own best advocate.

Speaker | Facilitator | Conference Panels | Roundtable Discussions

Podcast Guest | Workshops | Guest Articles | Strategic Planning & Consulting


“Pam Ray is an outstanding leader and a change maker who builds strong partnerships that mobilize action. An effective communicator and inspirational individual, she “connects” with both youth and adults and is truly making a difference.”

 —  Virginia K. Tippie,

Director | Coastal Ocean Initiative

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